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Dr. Subhabrata (Shubho) Sen, AT&T Labs, Research

Performance in Cellular Networks: A cross-layer approach


Smartphone applications are near-ubiquitous today. However their performance and energy bottlenecks are little understood due to a lack of visibility into the resource-constrained mobile execution environment and its potentially complex interaction with the application behavior. I will present ARO, the mobile Application Resource Optimizer, the first tool that efficiently and accurately exposes the cross-layer interactions to enable the discovery of inefficient resource usage for smartphone applications. ARO is now widely used by popular app developers to improve the efficiency of their apps. I will use case studies to illustrate some extremely prevalent resource and energy inefficiencies today, and describe solutions and best practice approaches for making apps more efficient and cellular-friendly. Finally, time permitting, I will overview our recent research into improving an extremely common activity in the mobile ecosystem - web browsing.


Dr. Subhabrata (Shubho) Sen is a Lead Inventive Scientist at AT&T Labs-Research, NJ, USA. He received a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. His research interests include IP network management, application and network performance, cross-layer interactions in cellular networks, configuration management, network measurements, and traffic analysis. He has published over 88 peer-reviewed research articles, and holds 44 awarded patents. He is a recipient of the AT&T Science and Technology Medal, the AT&T Labs President Excellence award, and the AT&T CTO Innovation Award. He is a co-inventor of the Mobile Application Resource Optimizer (ARO) tool, which is widely used by app developers today and has earned top industry honors including the American Business Awards' Tech innovation of the Year Gold Stevie award for 2013, and the Smartphone Application Challenge/Apps of the Year award at GSMA's 18th annual Global Mobile Awards,2013.