Date: 13th-15th November 2013
Venue: Doi Suthep 1 – 2, Kantary Hills Hotel, Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Active queue management and packet scheduling, again.

Jim Roberts

The subject of active queue management is again highly topical with the recent creation of a new IETF working group. Regained interest has arisen notably from the observed failings of traditional approaches to congestion control in environments as diverse as the data center interconnect and the home network suffering from "bufferbloat". Most past research on congestion control algorithms and queue management has regrettably ignored the impact of the statistical nature of network traffic. It is typically assumed that the pattern of flows sharing the network remains fixed leading, in the author's opinion, to significant misconceptions. Our aim in this talk is to show that congestion and bandwidth sharing performance depend critically on the dynamics of flow arrivals and departures. Utility maximization tends to lose its sense while well-known scheduling schemes like fair queuing are seen to be both feasible and highly effective. Our observations are not entirely original but, in the context of present developments in networking, appear well worth repeating and reformulating.

James Roberts, IRT-SystemX, France
Jim Roberts very recently joined the French research institute IRT-SystemX to work on a project on Cloud computing and network architecture. He was previously with Inria from September 2009 after spending more than thirty years with France Telecom research labs. He received a degree in Mathematics from the University of Surrey in 1970 and a doctorate in computer science in 1987 from the University of Paris VI. His research is centered on the performance evaluation and design of traffic controls for communication networks. In a long career, he has published around 100 papers, chaired several program committees and been associate editor for a number of journals. He gave the keynote at Infocom 2013. He is a Fellow of the Société des électriciensetélectroniciens (SEE) and recipient of the Arne Jensen lifetime achievement award from the International Teletraffic Congress (ITC).