November 30 - December 2, 2016

Venue: Kamolmart Room, 6th floor, The Sukosol, Bangkok, Thailand

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Philippe Jacquet

What Shannon would have said about Artificial Intelligence?


The Internet has crossed new frontiers with new services being offered every day. As a result, today’s Internet represents a critical infrastructure enabling remote health care, education, employment, e-governance, digital economy, social networks, and more. As such, Internet access should be universal in terms of availability and ability to contribute to the wider society, thereby enabling true digital inclusion to all. Although this vision is shared among both major stakeholders, the reality of today’s Internet and its level of digital inclusion is confronted by a growing digital divide - increasing geographic and socioeconomic challenges separate between those with sufficient access to the Internet and those who cannot afford access to its services.

Considering the world is gearing upto realising the 5G vision of ubiquitous connectivity with Gbps data rates and sub ms latencies - there are still 3 billion people without basic internet connectivity. In this talk, I will give some insights into some of the challenges of realising an universal 5G vision, the opportunities that are currently present to realise the vision and motivate the need for enabling services at the edge

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