12-14 November 2018

Venue: Pullman Bangkok King Power Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

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intERLab Asian Institute of Technology ThaiREN



Romain Fontugne

Romain received his Ph.D. degree from the National Institute of Informatics (NII) in Tokyo and his Master degree from Joseph Fourier University, Grenoble, France. He is now a senior researcher at IIJ (Japan's first ISP!). His current research interests include traffic modeling, networked data analytics and anomaly detection.

Monitoring Internet Health at Scale


Networks connected to the Internet are inherently relying on third-party networks to communicate. To ensure reliable connectivity operators require a good understanding of the conditions of multiple remote networks on the Internet. But because they have poor visibility beyond their network’s border this task is difficult and time consuming.

The Internet Health Report leverages data collected by large measurement platforms (e.g. RIPE Atlas, RIS, and RouteViews) to automatically pinpoint connectivity issues or routing changes that may have detrimental effects on other networks. This project started from three recent research advances that permit to monitor AS inter-dependence, delay and forwarding anomalies, and network disconnections from traceroute and BGP data. The talk will introduce these data-mining techniques and present recent network events monitored with these tools.

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