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Date: 12-14 December 2006

Time: 09:00-17:00

Course Fees:
    Standard: 30,000 THB

Package Discounts: May apply for a group of more than 3 persons.)
Partial fellowships are also available. Please contact intERLab training team for more information.

(Class-size limit: 12 participants)

Venue: intERLab Training Center, AIT, Thailand

Instructors: Olaf M. Kolkman, NLnetLabs
                     Alain Aina, Technologies, Reseaux et Solutions
                     John Crain, ICANN


  • To provide the participants with in depth technical information of DNSSEC.
  • To assist ccTLD operators in deploying DNSSEC for their national registries; and
  • To build working relationships among individual and institutional contacts that manages national registry services.

Who should attend?

ccTLDs operators interested in deploying DNS SECurity as part of their security infrastructure and people with a general interest in DNSSEC, and those contemplating whether or not to deploy DNSSEC in their organization.

Course Duration

3 days

Course Contents

This training covers the followings topics:

  • Introduction/Review of DNSSEC
  • Securing zone transfer (TSIG)
  • Securing a zone
  • Configuring a security-aware resolver
  • Delegation of signing authority
  • Rolling keys
  • Troubleshooting
  • DNSSEC deployment within cctld community

List of Books:

With the help from the Network Startup Resource Center (NSRC), each participant will receive the following books from O'Reilly Media:

  1. DNS and BIND (5th Edition - Covers BIND 9.3)
  2. Practical Unix & Internet Security (3rd Edition - Securing Solaris, Mac OS X, Linux & FreeBSD)
  3. TCP/IP Network Administration (includes CD-Room for 7 Bestselling Books)
    • TCP/IP Network Administration (3rd Edition)
    • SSH, The Secure Shell: The Definitive Guide
    • Managing NFS and NIS (2nd Edition)
    • Essential SNMP
    • Network Troubleshooting Tools
    • DNS and BIND (4th Edition)
    • Building Internet Firewalls (2nd Edition)


Basic knowledge about UNIX System Administration, Basic DNS and Network Operation

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Online Registration

Certificate of paticipation, training materials, lunch and refreshments will be provided.

Please note that the places are limited and the registration will be on a "first come - first served" basis. If you have any further queries, please contact Ms. Wit Hmone at +66-2 524 6611 (for AIT internal user dial 6611 only) or email: training at interlab.ait.ac.th.


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