Wireless Network Security Workshop
Date : 9-12 June 2008
Supporting Organizations
 Network Startup Resource Center
National Science Foundation
Cisco Press
O'Rielly Media
University of Oregon
Time : 09:00 - 17:00
Venue : intERLab Training Center, AIT, Thailand
Course Fee :    Standard  : THB 25,000
  Early Bird  : THB 23,500 (till 30th May 2008)
Instructors :   Joel Jaeggli, Nokia
                     John Kemp, University of Oregon
Max. Class size: 25 Participants

With the help from the Network Startup Resource Center (NSRC), each participant will receive the following books from O'Reilly Media:

  1. 802.11 Security (O'Reilly Media)
  2. Wireless Networking in the Developing World (wndw.net) Network
  3. Network Security Architectures (Cisco Press)
  4. Managing Security with Snort and IDS Tools (O'Reilly Media)

Other Requirements:

Participants are encouraged to bring laptop computers for use during the workshop so that everyone will be able to see and experience actual WLAN (wireless local area network) setup, management and intrusion detection situations.


This is a 4-day workshop covering all the major topics and issues involved in planning, deploying and managing wireless networks. Your attendance will expose you to the latest wireless theories and best-practices in a multidimensional learning environment involving lectures, demonstrations with live wireless networks, examples and exercises.

Target Audience:

This workshop will be very beneficial to all those involved in an organization's wireless networking efforts: network administrators, technical support personnel, LAN administrators, system administrators, network security officers, IT management personnel, and field support technicians. Technical and management personnel from organizations that have deployed wireless networks (or are planning on doing so) and would benefit from the current topics and issues discussed during the workshop sessions.

Proposed Schedule

  • Day 1
    • Intro to Wireless [ radio 101 ]
    • Foundations of Networking [ arp/ip/tcp/udp/icmp/dns/http ]
    • Wireless Standards [ 802.11/draft-N/WiMax ]
    • Operating Systems [ Ubuntu, FreeBSD/M0n0Wall, BackTrack ]
  • Day 2
    • Network Topologies [ addressing/nat/switching/routing/vlans ]
    • Wireless Network Design [ site surveys, point-to-point, mesh ]
    • Network Traffic Analysis [ DSNIFF, tcpdump/snort/ethereal/kismet/airsnort ]
    • Wireless Security [ WEP, 802.1X, PSK, TKIP, AES, WPA1, WPA2 ]
  • Day 3
    • Network Security [ policy, risk analysis, etc. ]
    • Wireless Tools [ netstumbler, kismet, airsnort, aircrack ]
    • Network Monitoring [ SNORT, flow-tools, ntop, bro, pbnj ]
    • Wireless Attacks, Part 1 [ rogue ap's, layer2 attacks, DOS Attacks ]
  • Day 4
    • Vulnerability Scanning [ NESSUS, nmap, NeXpose]
    • Wireless Attacks, Part 2 [ MITM Attacks ]
    • Unix Firewalls [ iptables, pf ]
    • Captive Portals [ nocat, m0n0wall, commercial ]

Lab Exercises

  1. Install Ubuntu, and Tools as we go
  2. Design and Build A Wireless Network
  3. Switchport Monitoring: NTOP, Flow-Tools, PBNJ, Cacti
  4. Deploy a Captive Portal to Control Access to that Network
  5. MITM Attack, Run a successful ARP/DNS/SSL MITM Attack
  6. Run NESSUS and NMAP Scans, Detect with SNORT
  7. Bridge Firewall or NAT Firewall to control Access

    For the wireless labs, the NanoStation2 and PowerStation2 devices from Ubiquiti will be used.

Primary Tools

Wireless Tools Focus Topics: NetStumbler, Kismet, m0n0wall, NoCat

Network Security Tools Focus Topics: BackTrack, SNORT, NESSUS, NMAP, NTOP, IPTABLES

Biography of Instructor

Joel Jaeggli works in the Security and Mobile connectivity group within Nokia. His time is divided between the operation of the nokia.net (AS 14277) research network and supporting the strategic planning needed of Nokia's security business. Projects with former employer the University of Oregon included the Network Startup Resource Center, Oregon Routeviews project (still an active participant), the Beyond BGP Project, and the Oregon Videolab. He is an active participant in several industry-related groups Including the IETF and NANOG. Joel frequently participates as an instructor or presenter and at regional and international network meetings, on services and security related topics.

John Kemp is currently the senior Security Engineer for the University of Oregon. Prior to that, he worked as a Systems Administrator for Network Services at the University of Oregon, and as a Unix Systems Administrator at the University of Illinois. His areas of expertise include Network Security and the use of IPTables for providing access control. John has worked closely with the Network Startup Resource Center on a number of projects in the past.

Certificate of paticipation, training materials, lunch and refreshments will be provided.

Please note that the places are limited and the registration will be on a "first come - first served" basis. If you have any further queries, please contact Ms. Wit Hmone at +66-2 524 6611 (for AIT internal user dial 6611 only) or email: training at interlab.ait.ac.th.