Date: 14th-16th November 2012
Venue:Jamjuree Ballroom A, Pathumwan Princess Hotel Bangkok, Thailand

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A Smartphone Application for Victim Information Gathering and Exchange in Post-Disaster Situation

Anubhav Kumar Jain, Vaibhav Garg, Karthik Badam, Kotaro Kataoka (IIT, Hyderabad)

Country: India


An important activity in post-disaster situation is to collect victims information and make it available for various stakeholders.  However, the communication channel like Internet at the disaster site are often unreliable or unavailable, and ensuring that the collected information

reaches the outside world is a challenge. We have developed a smartphone application, which can be used by rescue workers to collect victim information and communicate it to servers over a fragile network. The application runs on Android phones and uses Bluetooth for peer-to-peer data synchronization initialized by the exchange of bloom filters. Our poster will describe the expected scenario, system design, protocol design including the following features: 1) controlling of synchronization direction according to the battery life, and 2) sending the victim information to the server whenever internet connection is available.  Our prototype system will also be demonstrated.