Date: 14th-16th November 2012
Venue:Jamjuree Ballroom A, Pathumwan Princess Hotel Bangkok, Thailand

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A Security Approach for Wireless Sensor Network in Agriculture Industry

Piya Techateerawat (Thammasat University)

Country: Thailand


An overview of agriculture industry is involved with a large area, farmer and agriculture product. A large scale of area requires time consuming for collecting data to make decision on agriculture (e.g. watering, pruning and harvesting). The farmer is mainly focused on the agriculture product and process, so providing an extra effort on technology should keep to the minimum.

The agriculture product is the final result which is one of the most important for agriculture process. Therefore, the best product is the primary objective of agriculture industry.

Wireless sensor network is a technology that can distributed deploy and construct network sharing among their group. 

The main advantage of sensor network are collecting sensor data and transferring back to base center without the maintenance of power supply,  network structure and data control. Therefore, wireless sensor network is one of the candidate solutions for future technology in assisting agriculture industry.

In general, security solution needs an experienced and skilled specialist to set up, maintain and troubleshoot. This is a challenge for sensor network to implement in agriculture industry. The main three factors (large area, farmers and agriculture products) are also need to be considered.

Our security approach is  presented related factors and customized configuration for the process of  deployment, maintenance, information feedback. The detailed process is concealed from farmer. Only selected information is showing to the

farmer. The  security solution should be customized the configuration for the specific agriculture and area. The scenarios, matching with familiar technology and simplified devices is the supportive of success solution. Therefore, the security approach

is provided a solution for setting-up the security in agriculture industry.  As a result, security implementation for wireless sensor network in agriculture industry can be more effortless by the given security approach.